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Information Technology


Additional operations and information technology

We pride ourselves on “making it happen”.

One of KWE SA’s greatest strengths is our ability to provide door-to-door transportation services all over the world.For example: our domestic freight forwarding service, which primarily provides an international freight forwarding service, will use a nationwide service network to collect freight from anywhere in a country. Then, we transport it via one of our cargo centres and have an airline or shipping line move it to the desired international destination.

Some of our specialist services include:

  • Customised packing of precision machinery
  • Hand carry of critical freight
  • Cross trade forwarding and administration from South Africa from and to anywhere in the world


“We use a nationwide service network to collect freight.”

At the forefront of pioneering Information Technology

KWE has been at the forefront of pioneering Information Technology as a significant supply management and logistics tool. Their systems are characterised by high degree of efficiency and flexibility. Our solutions-based approach includes:

  • Supply chain events management applications
  • Real time supply chain visibility across the entire process
  • Management reports on all integrated supply chain activity


Features include:

  • Tracking and tracing throughout the entire supply chain activity
  • Inventory order management
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Inventory forecasting and optimization
  • Best of breed software
  • Secure environment

"Receiving international customer acclaim is proof of our high quality services."

Our meticulous service, know-how and precision in execution help our business partners navigate the ever-changing demands.