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Customs Compliance Expertise


Customs compliance expertise

Our, and our client's, paperwork is in order

Compliance in terms of the Customs and Excise Act and the various Customs Policies and Customs Procedures can be a daunting task for Importers and Exporters, due to the amount of detail involved. Failure to comply may lead to severe Customs imposed penalties, which affects an Importer/Exporter's compliance history on the SARS internal system, and ultimately their cash flow.

On a daily basis our experienced and highly skilled Customs Compliance Team guides our customers through this maze of rules  and regulations effortlessly. Our range of assistance and guidance in the Customs business area of SARS covers:

  • Export Customs Clearance executed in line required on site dates.
  • Import Customs Clearance performed before cargo arrival to prevent costly delays.
  • Full electronic communication/integration (EDI) with SARS's Customs business unit, for purposes of declarations and clearance submissions.
  • Tariff classification/determinations, are made in line with the Harmonized Commodity.
  • Description and Coding System.
  • Matters pertaining to import and/or export control i.e. permits, etc.
  • Assistance and guidance on matters pertaining to Rules of Origin applications i.e. trade agreements.
  • Matters pertaining to Customs Valuation.
  • Provision of up to date information regarding customs rulings and SARS matters in general.
  • Obtaining a permit from the Departmentof Agricultural Permits.
  • Assistance with, and submission of, an Application for a Customs Client Code.
  • Number, for purposes of Imports, Exports, and other Customs Client types.
  • Maintaining our customers' Customs Client profile with SARS's Customs Business Unit (DA 185).
  • Applying to SARS's Customs Business Unit for Refunds (Customs related).
  • Customs rebate provisions.
  • Applying and obtaining a Letter of Authority from SABS.
  • Port Health protocols (Examinations, Releases, etc.)
  • State Vet protocols (Examinations, Releases, etc.)
  • Import and/or export commodities deemed to be Prohibited and/or Restricted.
  • Tariff related issues and the various rate of duties applicable, including making applications for Tariff Determinations to SARS.
  • ITAC i.e. rebate permits (470.03), etc.
  • Managing and monitoring Customs stops and/or Customs detentions.


In addition we are:

  • An appointed and, importantly, an Accredited Clearing Agent with SARS, in terms of Section 64E of the Customs and Excise Act, No 91 of 1964.
  • Have a solid and healthy relationship with SARS since 1997.
  • Are regarded by SARS as a reputable company with integrity.
  • Have representatives on EXCO level in SAAFF National and SAAFF Regional (Gauteng).

"Receiving international customer acclaim is proof of our high quality services."

Our meticulous service, know-how and precision in execution help our business partners navigate the ever-changing demands.