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Specialised Aerospace Logistics


It is the aerospace industry which provides perhaps the best illustration of KWE SA's provision of their comprehensive logistics services: “For the national carrier, we manage both above and below the wing operations on their behalf.”

“Below the wing”

Our below the wing or technical operation includes managing a 24/7/365 10 000 m2 off site warehouse containing roughly 200 000 SKU’s at the country’s major international airport. KWE handles all the inbound logistics of parts, components and other materials from 1750 suppliers around the world all within stringent customs and excise requirements to meet specific service tiers. We also move and control different aircraft engine types and fully assembled landing gears to and from this facility. We assist with aircraft A, C and D maintenance checks, retrofits, cargo conversions as well as other offsite projects. Our operations are audited annually by the CAA, FAA, BV and EASA to name a few, and always pass with flying colours. KWE also handles and manages the total supply chain of a major aircraft tyre manufacturer which supplies the carrier. This operation would include tracking tyres by serial numbers to ascertain their position on various aircraft at time of landing, usage and return for retreading as well as total spares management. 

“Above The Wing”

Above the wing, we manage a fully integrated seamless supply chain for all in-flight passenger comfort and catering services. KWE’s advanced integrated materials management systems provide us with global visibility allowing us to accurately track and forecast demand, and subsequently replenish the airline’s global supply chain as and when demand dictates.” The inflight operation is conducted on a global level integrating and utilising KWE’s vast global footprint. KWE SA is now entering its 10th year as a trusted partner of the national carrier, and is expecting to expand our service offerings further taking bold steps and industry firsts in further pioneering new and innovative concepts for the airline. Our above and below wing supply chain concept was pioneered by KWE SA, and is fully customisable to suit any industry’s supply chain needs.

"Receiving international customer acclaim is proof of our high quality services."

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